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Spotlight on Donna Jean: San Diego’s Newest Vegan Restaurant

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Good news for lovers of vegetarian, vegan, and healthy cuisine: one of San Diego’s newest restaurants is conveniently located on Fifth Avenue, right between Palm and Quince streets, which means it is just a short ride away from the heart of downtown. It’s the perfect spot for people who own real estate in Cortez Hill San Diego and the surrounding communities.

Donna Jean has been a labor of love for Chef Roy, a man whose passion for vegetarian and vegan dishes can be traced to his childhood in rural Illinois and the summers he spent on an Ohio farm owned by his grandmother. Many of the traditional meals cooked in the American Heartland served as Chef Roy’s inspiration for a restaurant specializing in farm-fresh and plant-based food.

Chef Roy also traveled around Portland and Southern California as a musician. It was here that he discovered a growing interest among local diners for vegan dishes. While working in Studio City, Chef Roy took a simple macaroni and cheese recipe and transformed it into a vegan delicacy prepared in a cast iron skillet. This recipe won him accolades and a burgeoning reputation among vegan cuisine lovers. He later opened a vegan restaurant in the Middle East and helped a Venice eatery win a sustainability award.

Since opening earlier in 2017, the reviews for Donna Jean have been very positive. As can be expected, the legendary cast iron macaroni and cheese has been a big hit. Another menu item that is gathering enthusiasm is the vegan burger made with grilled mushrooms.

What is interesting about the reviews is that many diners who do not follow vegetarian or vegan lifestyles seem to be flocking to the restaurant, which is precisely what Chef Roy wanted to accomplish when opening Donna Jean. It is worth mentioning that, while the meals prepared by Chef Roy and his staff are certainly healthier than average, the focus of Donna Jean is not on health foods. Plant-based cuisine certainly appeals to the vegan crowd, but the true focus is on discovering the unique flavor combinations that can be achieved with farm-fresh products and spices.

In terms of ambiance, Donna Jean matches the trendy district west of Balboa Park. The outdoor seating area tends to fill up very quickly since it is perfect for enjoying the sizable cocktail menu. Once again, the cocktails are proof Donna Jean is not just a health food eatery. The saké-infused cocktails are named after Heartland spots such as the Indiana River. The wine selection is adequate and can be easily paired with many of the dishes.

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