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Downtown San Diego Lifestyle: Urban, Green, Efficient

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|June 2014 with 0 Comments


Urban Living in Downtown San DiegoCan the lifestyle we lead be indicative of who we are and what we stand for? Do we want to live in the huge house, with a yard, and a quiet neighborhood? Or, would you consider sacrificing “space” and “stuff” to have more access to “work, live, and play” right outside your front door. Back in 2003 when I first arrived in Southern California, it was a legitimate question as to whether living in a Downtown San Diego Condo was a fad or a national trend. However…in fast forwarding to 2014, it is official…The idea of “How” we live, and how we “think” about living is starting to change. The US Economy is becoming ever more urban as a result of changes in economics, shifting demographics,and lifestyle preferences. Downtown San Diego represents one of the best options for an urban lifestlye in Southern California. In 2014, the idea of Living in a Downtown San Diego Condo not only represents where you live, but also a commitment to a modern way of life. A modern and ultimately “urban” lifestyle is more green because it is “walk-able”,  more efficient, open to new technologies, more compact, and ultimately more flexible.

In a recent article entitled: How we live: “More Green, More Urban, more efficient”…author Diana Olick explores some of these changes of the national mindset on urban living that I thought were very interesting.  See some of the highlights I cite from the article below.

Transportation will become shared and more flexible:  “Every car that we have is going to be driven by more people, and more times a day, but we will store those vehicles less. The streets are going to look a lot different.”

More choice for smaller living spaces and more location: “The millennial generation, whose employment and wage growth has been weakest in the economic recovery. They may not have a lot of income now to be able to live where they want, but they’re willing to live in a smaller space and have all the amenities of a mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood.”

More of an effert to make urban lansdscapes more environment friendly: “You’re going to see lots of green roofs, greener streets, …more street trees that provide shade,”

Office space will be more flexible and commutes will decrease: “While Americans will still go to work in office buildings, they will do it less frequently, and their offices may not even be their own. So-called “hoteling” of office space, where no one has a permanent desk but each employee is simply assigned a desk if/when they show up, is becoming increasing popular as workers are off-site more often.”

New ways of using space will maximize efficiency: “under-utilized spaces, such as rooftops, abandoned lots, or even parking spaces, can be converted to “green” with vegetable gardens.” ')}