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Downtown San Diego Loft Styles

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

Modern interior of a Downtown San Diego LoftOne of the best aspects of A Downtown San Diego Loft is the possibility of creating your own space.  When walking into an open room and looking around seeing exposed concrete, pipes, and ducting…my creative juices begin to flow.  I realize the options for making this my urban home are limitless. This is going to be fun! That is the feeling we hope our clients get when walking into their future Downtown San Diego loft. Although loft style living is not everyone’s choice, it has become something highly sought after within the Downtown market.

Nearly every Downtown San Diego neighborhood has buildings encompassing the loft category. Rather than identifying a floor plan…the term loft is loosely categorized to include certain “loft like characteristics”.  These characteristics can include anything from no walls to floor to ceiling windows.   When characterizing Downtown Lofts, we have been able to identify  two different styles:  the industrial “New York style loft” and the more modern and contemporary style loft.  Depending on the particular finishes you prefer, our team at 92101 Urban Living can help you find the perfect loft to meet your needs.

The more “modern style” of lofts is the more prevalent option in Downtown San Diego.   Most of the buildings are newer construction rather than refurbished “older” warehouse style buildings.   Downtown is a relatively new community.  Before 2007 or example, the East Village did not even exist.  Located in the East Village neighborhood there are two particular buildings I would like to highlight that encompass the more modern style: M2i and Fahrenheit. Developed by Citymark both of these loft complexes feature:  exposed concrete finishes, vaulted ceilings, ducts, and piping. These characteristics provide loft homes a truly urban feel.

As a result of all the newer construction in the East Village, the more industrial lofts are not well represented.   Most people have a vision of exposed brick and beams as the major design component for a Downtown loft.   Buyers looking for a more “New York style loft feel” will have to look to the few older buildings like the Soap Factory of Cityfront Terrace, or seek out new construction that has been designed with an older look.   A good example of this newer construction is the Parkloft building.  Developed by Douglas Wilson in 2004, Parkloft is built to resemble a SOHO style building built 90 years ago.  Parkloft is a modern cement constructed building using newer brick accents to provide an older industrial look. Parkloft features: exposed pipes and ducts, warmer wooden finishes on windows and floors, and exposed cement ceilings.

To learn more about Downton San Diego Lofts for sale and for a complimentary review of the Downtown San Diego Real Estate market, please feel free to contact us here at 92101 Urban Living. ')}