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Top Places in Downtown San Diego to Mingle

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Lifestyle with 0 Comments

One of the many reasons to move to downtown San Diego is all the great socializing options. Whether you want to find a great spot for your next date or meet other families interested in scheduling playdates, downtown San Diego has something for you. This bustling area is filled with a fantastic blend of restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and more. The professionals from 92101 Urban Living, the agents with the most up-to-date information about downtown living in America’s Finest City and anything you need to know about real estate in downtown San Diego, offer these suggestions for great socializing spots to consider visiting the next time you want to try something new with old friends or expand your social circle by meeting new people.

The Shout! House

Lovers of live music will enjoy the live pianists and musical shows The Shout! House puts on. You can request any song you want and dance and sing along with others in this eatery and bar. Due to the interactive nature of the show, it’s easy to make friends even if you come alone. San Diego residents report that even on weeknights, this place is often crowded with people having a blast. The ability to get food and drinks here makes it easy to spend hours at this venue.

Coin-Op Game Room

With walls lined with classic arcade games, this fun arcade along 6th Avenue is perfect for people feeling nostalgic. It has a wide selection of beers and cocktails to pick from along with a tasty selection of classic bar foods. Another nice thing about this location is that you can easily strike up a conversation with someone while waiting for a particular game or playing a two-person game.

Bean Bar

If you want a chill place to grab coffee with a friend or two, Bean Bar is a delicious option. Situated in the East Village, this coffee shop is just a short walk to the Central Library or the park. This coffee shop is known for its house-made pastries and delicious cold brew. Intimate seating and quirky décor make this a good place to get to know someone.

Cafe Sevilla

Cafe Sevilla is a good choice for socializing because different levels have different vibes. You can relax by the bar and listen to live music, eat a tasty tapas platter in the dining area, or go to the lower level to dance. Depending on what time of the week you go, you might be able to participate in traditional Spanish dances or just enjoy a nightclub experience listening to all the top electronic and pop hits.

Mission Brewery

Housed in a beautiful historic building with an industrial vibe, Mission Brewery is one of the hottest craft brewery locations in downtown San Diego. During the day, get to know people as you participate in a brewery tour or beer tasting. At night, take part in fun brewery events like game nights and holiday parties fueled by tasty beer.

Whether you live in a penthouse, loft, or condo in downtown San Diego, there’s always a nearby spot to get a beer or a cup of coffee, hear some great music, and leave your worries behind. For more information on the hottest spots for socializing as well as the greatest properties on the market in downtown San Diego, reach out to the experienced professionals at 92101 Urban Living. Give us a call today at 619-649-0368.