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Downtown San Diego Ranks Highest Walkability Score

By LeslieLunde in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments


Highest Walkability Score

Walkability is GOOD FOR YOU! It’s the measure of how friendly an area or address is to walking. Walkability offers surprising benefits to our health, the environment, our finances, and our communities.  Downtown San Diego Ranks with Highest Walkability Score.  Its 8 neighborhoods each rank as the top 8 areas in San Diego with the best Walkability.

Walk Score provides a measure for walkable communities using data from Google, OpenStreetMap and the U.S. Census to assign an address a walkability ranking from 0 to 100 based on a its distance and pedestrian friendliness to amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, parks, public transit, and the like.

According to Walk Score, your best bet for walkable living in San Diego is the Downtown community with its 8 neighborhoods ranking as the top 8 areas in San Diego with the best walkability (scores ranging from 92-98)!

Personally my favorite thing about living Downtown is being able to walk to “everything”… parks, coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants, Petco Park, the gym, nightlife, shopping, farmers market, the waterfront… you name it, sometimes allowing you to leave your car parked for days at a time. Walkability is a lifestyle! Have more personal time for you and your family, save money on gas, help the environment, and enjoy what your community has to offer. If this is on your list of “home criteria”, give us a call. Contact us at 92101 Urban Living to educate you on the Downtown neighborhoods and different types of condo and loft style buildings, while guiding you as you make your first or next home purchase. ')}