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Downtown San Diego Rental Prices

By Mike in December 2014|Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Rentals with 0 Comments

Most Expensive Median Rents  in cities around the US.

Everyone knows that living in Downtown San Diego is a highly desirable lifestyle.   Living within walking distance of work, live, and play with some of the best weather in the country definitely has it’s perks.   With that said…it also comes with it’s particular price tag.   I thought it would be interesting to explore how Downtown San Diego Rental Prices stack up against other larger national cities.

One of the best places to generate data on current rental Pricing across major cities in the US is thru Zumper.  Based in San Francisco, Zumper has quickly become a fantastic resource for both search functionality and rental data/analytics.  On their Blog Post this week they detailed the Top 10 most expensive cities for rent.   Check out the full Post Entitled:  “Zumper Monthly Rent Report for November 2014”.

Everyone expects major cities to have expensive rents.  Not surprisingly…San Francisco, New York, Boston, Washington DC, and Chicago round out the most expensive cities to rent in.  Check out the graph posted on Zillow below.  It will set you back $3300 + for a one bedroom rental in San Francisco and around $3000 for the same in New York.

Top 10 most expensive cites to rent in.

What I thought was interesting were the San Diego numbers.  As a Median Price, San Diego Ranked 9th on the overall most expensive city to rent in.  The Median Price for a 1 bedroom is $1400 while a 2 Bedroom with range from $1850.  These numbers are interesting, because if you use the Downtown San Diego Rental Median pricing…living in condo or loft Downtown would rank in the top 5.  The average price for a 1 Bedroom Rental in Downtown San Diego will range from about $1600 to $2500 a month depending on Size, location, and Parking.  A 2 bedroom Downtown San Diego rental will range from $2400 to well over $6000…again depending on Square footage, views, location, and upgrades.   It’s not cheep to live in Downtown by any means.  However…many of us find it worth the money to live the lifestyle.

If you are considering Renting in Downtown San Diego, check out all Active Rentals on the market.

* Thank you to Zumper for providing Graphs and Data!  Great job guys on the business plan and execution. ')}