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3 Ways to Have Some Winter-Themed Fun Downtown San Diego

By Mike in Things to Do in downtown San Diego with 0 Comments

There is so much to do near downtown San Diego this winter that everyone who owns or rents Gaslamp Quarter real estate can find an activity that fascinates them. Even if you live on a very tight budget, there is plenty to see and do. Try out one of these 3 fun downtown activities this winter.

1. Visit Balboa Park

Balboa Park is the largest urban park in the United States, and there is plenty you can do at the park for free. Visit the Botanical Building with its fascinating collection of over 2,100 plants from around the world, including many beautiful lily pads, ferns, and orchids. Because it will still be cold outside in January, this is the perfect time to connect with nature in a nice warm environment. Take in a free organ concert where a musician will play the great Spreckels Organ, a pipe organ built out of rare woods. Listening to the beautiful music is a great way to enjoy a crisp winter day in San Diego. Visit the Timken Museum of Art featuring European Old Master works of art. Like listening to great music, looking at beautiful art can definitely lift your spirits.

2. Stroll Around Seaport Village

Something exciting is always happening at Seaport Village, and it might be a good idea to take advantage of enjoying this spot before it gets renovated. For the price of something to drink, you can hear wonderful musicians perform. Let the wonderful music transport you to a tranquil sunny place even on a chilly winter’s day. Poetry and Shakespearean readings often take place at the coffeehouse, which is an especially great place to spend a cold winter’s night.

3. Go Whale Watching

With the water so close from any downtown location, San Diego is the perfect spot to go whale watching. Approximately 20,000 gray whales make their way by San Diego each year on their 10,000-mile round-trip journey from Alaska to Baja California. Though you can usually find a cheap cruise to go watch the whales from the water, walking along the nearby shores provides plenty of free potential opportunities, although you will want to bundle up tight. The whales started showing up in mid-December and will continue their journey through the first part of April.

There is plenty of winter fun to be had in downtown San Diego, and you can easily take advantage of year-round fun if you purchase one of the amazing and attractive condos in Gaslamp. Get in touch with 92101 Urban Living today at 619-649-0368, and we can help you find your downtown dream home. ')}