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Top Urban Characteristics of San Diego’s Downtown Areas

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Recently ranked as the U.S.’s fourth-best large city in which to live, San Diego has many amazing features. Nowhere is this more evident than in downtown San Diego. With amazing districts such as the historic Gaslamp Quarter, the largest Little Italy neighborhood in the United States, and the upmarket East Village, downtown San Diego is sure to have qualities that suit your preferences perfectly.

Urban Parks

Everyone who’s local to San Diego, downtown or otherwise, is familiar with the richness of Balboa Park. Surrounded by downtown San Diego and other older neighborhoods like Banker’s Hill, this isn’t the only green space available to residents. For people living in downtown San Diego condos, lofts, penthouses, and apartments, there are as many as 20 other city parks close by.

Green urban areas not only look nice, but they also facilitate all sorts of things, including physical activity, relaxation, and retreating from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Cities in today’s world can be full of all sorts of air pollution, and urban green spaces are important for providing clean air to breathe.

Great Public Transit

There are many amazing options when it comes to transportation in downtown San Diego. Not only is there the Metro Transit System, but there’s also the trolley. With 53 trolley stations across the city, including one line that only serves downtown, you can be sure no place is off-limits. There’s even a new system called Free Ride Everywhere Downtown (FRED), which is something of a hybrid between private companies like Lyft and downtown shuttles. FRED makes use of electric golf carts to transport people anywhere they want, free of charge.


If walking is more your style, downtown San Diego is the place for you. According to Walk Score, San Diego ranks 19th in walkability among major metropolitan areas, and there’s always something within walking distance. Vibrant areas such as the Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, and the East Village offer several restaurants, clubs, bars, and shops, all within strolling distance of each other.

Urban Village Feel

Many of downtown San Diego’s districts have seen a lot of investment in recent years and still managed to maintain their urban village feel. This is especially true of neighborhoods like the historic Gaslamp Quarter and Little Italy, which have all the thriving nightlife, restaurants, bars, and job opportunities you could possibly want. For example, Little Italy features a fantastic farmers market to go along with its excellent array of quaint cafes, restaurants, condos, and apartments that highlight its rich history.

No matter which urban lifestyle you prefer, you’ll find a district in downtown San Diego that’s perfect for you. If you’ve decided to make the move and need help finding your ideal piece of downtown San Diego real estate, reach out to the experts at 92101 Urban Living. Give us a call today at 619-649-0368.