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East Village Condo Recap for 2103

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

The Mark Condo in the East Village

The East Village is one of Downtown San Diego’s largest and fastest growing neighborhoods.   Last year was a great year for condo sales in the East Village.   In 2012 the average price for an East Village Condo was $445,447.   By the end of 2013 the average sales price value had grown to an astonishing $445,447.   This is an increase of over $35%.   In 2102 there were more lower sales in the Smart Corner Complex which has an effect on the numbers, however the growth is still very evident.   The total number of East Village Condos sold in 2013 was 272 compared to 390 in 2012. The number of sales was down, but the value was up.   Again, this is mainly due to the fact that in 2013 the Smart Corner complex was sold out.  There were no developer sales in 2013 compared to over 150 in 2102.   The graph below represents a summary of the total sales broken down by East Village complexes.  We represent: total sales in the building, the average sales price, and the average Price per square foot.

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Complex            Yearly Sales       Average Sales Price    Average $PPSF

Alta                           18                    $544,028                           $599

Diamond Terrace         10                    $396,300                          $466

Element                    8                       $204,650                           $268

Fahrenheit                4                    $457,250                             $442

ICON                       31                       $457,065                           $495

M2i                          20                       $445,275                           $421

Metrome                  14                      $298,929                            $362

Nexus                       11                      $318,082                           $410

Park Blvd West           6                      $354,600                          $392

Park Blvd East            5                      $365,000                          $408

Park Terrace              20                     $322,075                         $430

Parkloft                      10                       $655,950                        $401

The Legend               19                      $639,445                         $555

The Mark                   40                       $586,248                         $537

Union Square             22                       $307,607                        $302 ')}