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East Village Condos Sold Statistics for Jan and Feb 2013

By Mike in April 2013|Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Analysis with 0 Comments

East Village Condos

East Village Condos has for the first two months of 2013 lead the way with the most Downtown San Diego Condos sold compared to the other six neighborhoods. The East Village has the last couple of years been a very popular place for investors to buy and this is showing in our review of the sold stats that we track each month. The East Village had a total of 17 condos sold in January and 22 condos sold in February 2013. This is a total of 39 homes out of the total of 132 homes sold in all of Downtown San Diego for the first two months.

Smart Corner and The Mark had the most sales with six each. Park Terrace, The Legend, Diamond Terrace, Icon, M2i, Union Square, Nexus and Alta all had three sales each. Last but not least was Union Square and Metrome with two sales each. ')}