Important Etiquette When Going Clubbing in Downtown SD

Part of the charm of living in San Diego is the vibrant nightlife. Since the Historic Gaslamp Quarter has been emerging as one of the trendiest destinations in Southern California over the last few years, people who own Gaslamp Quarter real estate have an edge in this regard. For the most part, downtown San Diego denizens mind their manners when they spend a night out on the town. In fact, San Diego has had its own school of proper manners and etiquette related to social situations such as clubbing and hanging out with friends at bars and other nightlife establishments. Mr. Benjamin’s San Diego Junior Cotillion is a local institution that dates back to the mid-1950s. While this social skills workshop is mostly intended to help adolescents overcome the naturally awkward stage of their lives, many of the rules taught therein are also valid for 21st-century adults in Southern California.

Here are some of the most important etiquette rules to keep in mind when hitting the clubs in downtown San Diego.

 Watch Out for One Another

San Diego nightlife is not particularly reckless. When you are out in the Gaslamp Quarter, you may notice groups of people going from pub to pub with someone acting as a host. This is likely a social club getting together to enjoy the night responsibly by means of looking out for each other. If you have recently purchased one of the great lofts or condos in Gaslamp Quarter, you may want to search for club crawl meetups and become part of their group.

Follow the Dress Code

San Diego is generally relaxed when it comes to dressing up to go out. However, some venues in downtown have a policy of not allowing patrons who dress as if they were on a beach vacation in Costa Rica. Men should play it safe by not wearing shorts, sandals, t-shirts, tennis shoes, or baseball caps. Ladies have more flexibility in this regard, but see-through clothing or a bikini top could result in not being admitted to certain clubs.

Obey the Velvet Rope

A few nightclubs in downtown San Diego have a certain admission policy that fits their business model, which may include a velvet rope and a doorman at the entrance of the club. Club staff posted at the door are there for safety purposes and to make sure people who are too intoxicated do not bother patrons who are already inside. Valid ID is required at most venues.

Use Your Mobile Devices Respectfully

Some downtown clubs feature live acoustic music and are thus not ideal for long and raucous Snapchat sessions. Obnoxious ringtones and talking loudly on smartphones are frowned upon at bars where musicians play unplugged sets, but they are not a problem at clubs where booming dance music is already playing loudly.

Tip Well

Club staff members work hard to create a leisurely experience for you. Be sure to tip bartenders and servers at least 15 percent. The only exception would be if you order a single bottle of beer before leaving. In this case, 10 percent would be acceptable.

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