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Everything You Need To Know About Downtown San Diego Rentals

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|June 2013 with 0 Comments

Downtown San Diego RentalsTo rent or to buy? This has been the question that many of our Downtown San Diego Real Estate clients over the last year or so. With so much uncertainty in the market, clients don’t know whether or not they should jump into the market head first, or wait until things calm down. This blog is to help those clients that are deciding to rent for a little before buying.

Downtown San Diego rentals can be found in all of Downtown San Diego’s residential neighborhoods. When renting, there are a few things to consider as you get started:

Which Downtown Neighborhood to Live In?

This goes for anyone moving to Downtown San Diego. The residential neighborhoods of Downtown San Diego are diverse in both architecture, lifestyle, and residents. Younger clients will prefer the East Village/Gaslamp areas for the excitement that comes with Padres games, and the nightlife that is prevalent in both neighborhoods. While professionals and clients looking for peace and quiet may prefer the more luxurious Marina and Columbia districts. Little Italy offers a little mixture of both.

Condo or Apartment?

Another thing that any client looking into Downtown San Diego rentals has to decide is whether or not they want to rent from an apartment complex, or an individual condo owner. Apartment complexes tend to have lower price points as well as lower upfront security deposits, but also lack the same appointments and feel of the condo buildings. Sometimes, because of the lower price points, apartments can attract a much younger crowd, meaning the likelihood of annoyances is something to consider.

Condo buildings are, on average, better taken care of and have nicer appointments. Since condos are individually owned, your next door neighbors tend to take care of the building and the common areas more than in apartments. Consequently, condo owners usually expect a security deposit equal to one months rent on hand before move in.

Whichever way you choose to find your Downtown San Diego rental, it helps to speak with an experienced real estate professional in the area to help you find out which option is your best fit. You can check out our Downtown San Diego rental page to see the current available Downtown San Diego Rental inventory. Feel free to contact us as well.