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What to Expect when Searching for a Downtown San Diego Rental

By LeslieLunde in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|June 2014|Rentals with 0 Comments

Downtown San Diego Rental at ICONIf you’re thinking about purchasing a condo in Downtown San Diego, but not quite ready to pull the trigger, why not think about leasing for 6 months to a year? Immerse yourself into the Downtown culture. There are 6 neighborhoods that make up the 92101 area. Each is unique with its own history, character, and lifestyle. Downtown is not very large, so no matter which neighborhood you choose, you will still be within a 15-20 minute walk to explore and experience the other areas as well.

The best time to look for a Downtown San Diego Rental is about 30-45 days out from the date you would like to take occupancy. Most all rentals are available within 30 days or less. Some of the best deals can be found by those who are flexible with move in date or those who tend to procrastinate and need something immediately. Both of these types are able to offer a move in immediately, or as soon as the current occupant vacates and the place is available…thus reducing the amount of vacancy time. Vacancy is the one thing an owner or landlord wants to try and avoid at all costs.  Sometimes Downtown San Diego Rental owners may be willing to negotiate on the rent if potential tenants have excellent credit, property has been vacant, and they are motivated to get the place rented. Looking more than “45 days out” is way too soon, as most owners won’t hold the condo vacant especially if another applicant is willing to take possession sooner.

-Pricing for Studios usually starts around $1600/month.

-1 Bedrooms, you are looking at approximately $1800/month.

-2 Bedrooms start around $2200-$2300.

-Pricing may be found lower but mostly will increase depending on the building and it’s location, the location of the condo inside the building (higher floors rent higher $), and the views. (Most condos rent in the range of $2500-$4000.)

 Things to consider:

-All building HOA’s have rules pertaining to the minimum length of time required for an owner to lease their unit. For example, some buildings allow shorter term rentals and others require a minimum of a 1 year lease.

-If you have pets… some buildings and/or owners have pet restrictions with regards to number of pets, breed, and size allowed.

-How many parking spaces are needed? You may need to factor in additional costs if more parking is needed than is included.

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