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Fun Facts About Downtown San Diego

By Mike in Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Downtown San Diego wears a welcoming smile, which is one of the many reasons condos and lofts in Downtown San Diego are in such high demand. Below are 14 amazing facts about America’s Finest City.

1. San Diego is the birthplace of California.

Old Town was our city’s first civilian settlement. In this quaint neighborhood, some of the original mansions still stand, and part of Old Town is now a state historic park, depicting 1800s life.

2. San Diego has the most comfortable climate in the US.

Weatherwise magazine ranks our city as number seven among the “10 Best Weather Places in the World.” How is our “Goldilocks” climate described? It’s just right! Winter averages 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer hovers at 72, a magic number indeed. In fact, over 200 days a year, the temperature averages a balmy 70.

3. Balboa Park is the country’s largest urban cultural park.

Located just north of downtown, the park has 15 museums, the world’s best zoo, and three world-renowned theaters. The playhouses operate under the auspices of the “Old Globe.” This institution produces 15 plays and musicals per year, including the acclaimed Shakespeare festival.

4. Sperling’s Best Places rates San Diego as the third best city in the country for dating.

Need we say more?

5. Our city owns one of the world’s largest outdoor pipe organs.

The Spreckels Organ was donated to San Diego by John and Adolph Spreckels in 1914. This magnificent instrument has 4,700 pipes ranging in length from 7 inches to 32 feet.

6. The San Diego Zoo is the nation’s most famous menagerie.

Credit goes to its climate, size, and staff. The grounds are massive, spanning 100 acres, and animals are under the care of a skilled team of technicians, vets, nutritionists, and attendants. Park staff developed cage-less exhibits to recreate natural habitats.

7. Over 200 cruise ships depart from San Diego Harbor annually.

8. Ronald Reagan was the first person to drive over the landmark San Diego-Coronado Bridge when it opened in 1969.

The structure uses the world’s longest steel rectangle to enclose its braces and joints. The bridge turns 90 degrees at mid-span, raising its grade to accommodate ships. The spectacular overpass has received the “Most Beautiful Bridge Award” by the American Institute of Steel.

9. San Diego harbors the “Star of India,” the oldest active sailing ship in the world.

Since its construction in 1863, the Star of India has completed 21 tours. A rugged beauty, she’s survived a cyclone, Alaskan ice, and going aground in Hawaii.

10. The 25th Street Bridge is a musical instrument.

Located just east of Gaslamp Quarter, the 25th Street Bridge spans State Route 94. The vertical rods of the railing form a series of bells. If you strike the rods sequentially with a piece of metal, they play a melody. Entitled “Crab Carillon,” the song is the same when approached from both directions.

11. Bloomberg Magazine ranks San Diego as the second best city to live in the US.

Reasons cited are its climate, parks, job opportunities, and entertainment options.

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