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Learn About San Diego’s Amazing Central Library

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of owning or renting East Village San Diego real estate is being in close proximity to the Central Library at 330 Park Boulevard. It took city planners 3 decades to build the new Central Library, and the results have been more than impressive. Whether or not you currently live in downtown San Diego, here are some reasons you should visit the Central Library as soon as you get the chance.


This stunning building stands 9 levels tall and looks great from any angle. The massive reading room has panoramic windows, but the most gorgeous views can be seen from the balcony on the top floor. The garden courtyard and outdoor cafe are perfect for relaxation, casual meetings, and enjoying gourmet coffee, tea, and snacks. Parking is plentiful and reasonable.


Dozens of public workstations complement the advanced wireless Internet access, which is powered by a gigabit passive optical network. All books and library materials are tracked by means of RFID tags, and there are also portable devices such as tablets and electronic readers available.

Gift Shop

The Central Library shop is a great place to find comfort items for gifting or personal indulgence. Everything in the shop has a reading or lounging angle. You can find books, magazines, coffee mugs, warm socks, teapots, calligraphy instruments, toys, and much more.

Cultural and Learning Activities

At any given time, there is a lot more than reading happening at the Central Library. The 22 study rooms and 320-seat auditorium are always busy with performances, tutoring sessions, open classes, workshops, and other events.

Child-Friendly Facilities

Young children and teenagers get their very own sections at this library. Moreover, 2 floors of the building are taken by a progressive high school. Activities for young readers are held several times a week.

The Central Library is just one of many reasons to consider purchasing one of the incredible condos, penthouses, or lofts in East Village San Diego. Take a tour of the area, and when you’re ready to look at the latest properties on the market, give 92101 Urban Living a call at 619-649-0368. We hope to hear from you soon. ')}