5 Creative Design Ideas for a Fireplace

For people who own lofts, penthouses, or condos in Marina San Diego, having a fireplace can be a great advantage in terms of interior decoration and being able to express personal style. Although your fireplace may not get as much use in San Diego as it would in cities where it gets much colder in the winter, this should not stop you from turning it into the center of attention in your living room. There are many ways you can heat up your home on a cold night, and there are even more ways for you to transform your fireplace into your home’s focal point. The idea is to make this part of your house look great even without a flame.

Here are five design ideas you can apply to your fireplace today.

1. Old-Fashioned

If your condo was completed or remodeled in this century, chances are the fireplace is a modern gas or electric model featuring nothing more than a hole in the wall that serves as the hearth and firebox. Traditional fireplaces feature a minimum of the hearth, a mantel, and a surround structure that protects the walls. These are details a contractor can add without difficulty. For a classic touch, choose a cherry wood-like material for the mantel and a dark stone surface for the surround.

2. Home Theater

This contemporary design idea is perfect for condos, penthouses, and lofts in Little Italy San Diego. The execution is simple: hang your flat screen television, which should be twice as wide as the hearth, right above your fireplace. The two main surround sound speakers can be placed on pedestals on either side of the screen, and you can add indoor plants next to each speaker.

3. French Cottage

If your flooring surface resembles stones, this fireplace design style is for you. The surround should match the floors as much as possible, and the mantel can be a rustic piece of heavy wood. The ornaments on the mantel should be plants, candles, religious artifacts, and framed family photos.

4. Classic

If you need to add a surround plus a mantel, you might as well think about applying elements that evoke the classic look, which mostly consists of brick and masonry. The surround does not have to be crafted with bricks. Ask the contractor about engineered tile with a surface design that looks like red bricks. If your condo has crown molding, the mantel should match its design. This look works better with engineered wood flooring, and it can be complemented with a large mirror above the mantel, flanked by candle holders.

5. Reading Room

You can accomplish this look very easily by visiting used bookstores and choosing the most attractive covers and spines that will look nice above the hearth. If you don’t have a mantel, you can install a nice shelf instead, preferably one that matches your living room furniture. To finish off this design idea, make sure to choose a large painting to hang above the books.

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