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5 Mistake First-Time Home Sellers Need to Avoid

By Mike in Home Selling with 0 Comments

Selling a home can be a challenging experience, and it can be particularly confusing if you have never done it before. Many inexperienced sellers make tiny blunders that end up costing them a lot of money or dragging out the process even longer. First-time home sellers who are selling real estate in downtown San Diego need to be careful to avoid these mistakes.

1. Pricing the Home Too High

Most sellers know buyers will attempt to negotiate them down to a lower price, so they try to keep the closing price from going too low by starting with a rather high price. However, buyers typically shop by looking at all available homes within a set price range. Those in a higher price range may be disappointed if your home is lacking luxury goods, while buyers who would like the property might not even look at it if the asking price seems too high.

2. Skipping Staging and Cleaning

Sellers frequently assume they can show their house as-is because they think buyers will focus more on architectural features than décor. The reality is that first impressions make a huge difference. It is a good idea to clean the home thoroughly, paint it in neutral colors, and stage it with stylish yet subdued décor. Making the home look appealing to a wide range of people encourages buyers to picture themselves living in the home so they are more likely to make an offer.

3. Not Being Flexible During Showings

The thought of having to spruce up the house and clear time in your busy schedule to show it may seem terribly inconvenient, but many buyers want to view the property on their own time instead of visiting a scheduled open house crowded with other potential buyers. Having a flexible schedule and always agreeing to showings even if they seem inconvenient may attract more interest in your home.

4. Not Doing Repairs

In the modern housing market, most buyers are wary of anything that will be high maintenance. If they can choose between a home that needs some repairs or a home that is ready to move into, buyers will typically go for the latter. Updated kitchens, new roofs, and hardwood flooring all provide a big return on investment because they increase the home’s value.

5. Putting Your Home on the Market During the Wrong Time

Selling during winter or summer is a huge mistake if you want to sell your home quickly or have a lot of motivated buyers offering good prices. Most home sales happen in the spring because buyers want to purchase a home after the new year for tax purposes and move in by summer vacation. Autumn can also be a good time because people are often in a hurry to move before winter.

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