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Top Five Reasons to Buy a San Diego Loft vs a San Diego Condo

By Mike in April 2014|Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

San Diego Loft Living Space

Urban Living spaces are always divided into several different styles.  When considering the purchase of a condo in Downtown San Diego, a buyer will always have the decision between a loft or traditional condo space. Because of a very distinct set of characteristics, Loft spaces work for some buyers but not everyone.   For those who consider San Diego loft spaces, there are always 5 top reasons that support this decision.

1. Style: The coolness of a loft space is undeniable.  San Diego lofts always represent tons of style.  Modern, contemporary, retro styles are three big components of loft style.  These are represented in high ceilings, exposed concrete or piping, open space, and unique floor plans.

2. Open Space: Buyer who have lofts do not want to be confined to a traditional floor plan.   The sense of wide open space is something that all loft enthusiasts can agree upon.   Not having rooms built out in the traditional sense allows a San Diego loft to feel open and larger than the square footage number that it actually represents.

3. Windows: In real estate terms…windows mean access to natural light.  The vision of an open loft space is more often than not inclusive of big “floor to ceiling” windows.   The bigger the windows, the more “wow” factor the loft will have.  Walls of windows contribute to the sense of open space that a loft will represent.

4. Higher Ceilings: In a traditional condo, ceiling heights can be as low as 8 feet.   In a San Diego Loft, ceiling heights are increased to 10 feet, 11 feet, and sometimes 14 feet and above.  High ceilings allow for a “grande feeling” of space…they can make a smaller space feel larger.  You don’t feel as confined when living in a space with elevated ceilings.

5. Opportunity to Design your Own Space: The fun aspect of open space is making the important decisions of how you will layout your home.  The ability to make these decisions and design your personal living space will always be a component of value for a San Diego Loft.  Anytime you have an opportunity to add a personal element to your living space…it feels more like home.

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