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Float Spas Near Downtown San Diego

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While the hustle and bustle that comes with living in a condo in downtown San Diego is exhilarating, those who work and play hard also crave innovative ways to relax, refresh, and unwind. Enter flotation therapy. Float spas provide a unique experience in which users are immersed in a lightproof and soundproof tank of water. The addition of Epsom salt increases the water’s density making users extremely buoyant and providing a sensation of floating in air. Float therapy can lower blood pressure, alleviate stress, and ease pain.

Float Spa San Diego

Float Spa San Diego provides a sterile environment for experiencing deep physical and mental relaxation. Isolation tanks are situated in private rooms with showers. The user, if desired, can float without a swimsuit in the skin temperature water while listening to peaceful music. Float Spa San Diego also provides a cave-like Float Room with a full height ceiling for those who are claustrophobic.


Flot is located in a mixed use loft building in Little Italy and offers a 100 percent chemical-free float experience similar to a zero gravity sensation. Flot’s large tanks provide freedom from external stimuli, helping patrons enjoy the ultimate detoxification of body and mind. Following the float session, feel free to use the complimentary bathroom kits that are available to make it easy to continue the day with an improved state of wellness.

Cocoon Float and Cryo Spa

Cocoon provides everything needed for a private float session in a spacious float pod. Float sessions can be followed by customized massage treatments with herbal-infused oils. Cocoon also offers cryotherapy in which the client enters a CryoCabin that lowers the surface temperature of the skin dramatically, increasing blood circulation and reducing inflammation.

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