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How to Beat Buyer’s Remorse

By Mike in Buying Tips with 0 Comments

Do you regret purchasing your new condo or loft in downtown San Diego? You aren’t alone. Buyer’s remorse is fairly common, especially among first-time buyers. If it’s too late to back out, here are a few ways to beat buyer’s remorse.

1. Host a Party

What better way to fall in love with your new Little Italy condo than to celebrate it? Invite friends and family over for a barbecue, dinner party, or tailgating party. They’ll be excited for you and excited to see your new place, and that excitement will be contagious. Seeing your condo from another perspective can help you appreciate what you have.

2. Find a Favorite Spot

Spend some time really getting to know your new digs. Even in a small place there is likely to be a spot that’s got just the right light, orientation, or breeze. Make this your spot to enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or anything else that makes you happy. If you start to feel remorse creep in, retreat to this spot.

3. Make a List

If you have buyer’s remorse because you’re panicked about things, make a list. Are there a lot of improvements? Write them down, in order of importance, and what it takes to fix them. If you’re worried about making payments or unexpected expenses, create a savings account just for that purpose and set a savings goal. Start with just one thing on the list and when you cross off one, start on the next.

4. Remind Yourself Why You Bought Your Condo

When you start to panic, remind yourself why you made the purchase in the first place, whether it was to start a family, have a long-term investment, or to save money on rent in a hot market. Remembering why you made this big purchase is sometimes all it takes to reassure yourself you made the right choice.

Buyer’s remorse is normal and will subside with time as you settle in. One way to avoid this from the get go is to work with an experienced real estate broker in downtown San Diego who can walk you through each step of the process and help you prepare for what you’re taking on. To learn more or find a great agent, call (619) 649-0368 today. ')}