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5 Green Renovations You Can Make to a Penthouse

By Mike in Miscellaneous with 0 Comments

If you are the owner of one of the many amazing penthouses in downtown San Diego, take comfort in knowing your property is among the most desirable in Southern California. To protect your investment and boost the value of your penthouse even more, you may want to consider green renovation projects and improvements. In the 21st century, prospective homebuyers believe green is good and green is in. For this reason, keep the following 5 recommendations in mind.

1. Let Natural Light In

Large windows and skylights that maximize natural light are the first step in making a penthouse energy efficient and eco-friendly. By choosing the right window structure and high-quality glass panes, you can considerably reduce your monthly electricity bills since you will be less dependent on artificial lighting. Moreover, the cool air circulated by your air-conditioning system will not escape your penthouse if the windows are properly sealed and insulated.

2. Add an Indoor Herb Garden

Adding a nice green touch to your penthouse can be as easy as dedicating space on your windowsills, but you can be even more ambitious by installing flowerbeds and horizontal planters in your balcony. Growing edibles in a penthouse garden is a great idea since this is a proven and uplifting method of reducing your carbon footprint.

3. Reduce the Overall Carbon Footprint

When choosing the construction materials you need for your renovation project, you can be as green as possible by purchasing from local sources that do not have to be transported over long distances. Look for materials that have been recycled like salvaged wood flooring, reconditioned doors, or wall panels made from recycled polymers. You can also choose natural wood that has been harvested by a provider certified as a sustainable business by the Forest Stewardship Council. These are companies that promote reforestation efforts.

4. Choose the Right Appliances

If you plan on upgrading the appliances in your penthouse, you will find out that manufacturers have come a long way in terms of designing new systems that consume less energy than they used to. Over the last few years, General Electric (GE) has been recognized as a manufacturer that exceeds the Energy Star specifications set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Newer GE refrigerators, stoves, and washing machines consume 10 to 30 percent less energy than they used to. If your building has a propane or liquefied natural gas connection that can be used for cooking, you should consider this option. Many Latin American nations have been cooking with gas for decades, and their energy consumption rates are far lower than the U.S.

5. Install Smart Home Automation

By allowing a smart automation hub to control your lighting and thermostat, you can make your penthouse more energy efficient while reducing your monthly electricity bill. Get started with smart light bulbs and an Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker. As you become more comfortable with home automation, consider connecting your appliances, door locks, air conditioning, and security system.

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