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Is The Holiday Season A Good Time To Buy A Home?

By Mike in December 2013|Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Home Buying with 0 Comments

buy-a-homeFor many real estate professionals, the holiday season is our “slow time.” Buyers are not as actively searching for new homes, and sellers decide to “wait until after New Years” to list. While the slow down in business might signal more free-time for Realtors, what does that mean for you, the Home Buyer?

There are a couple of different thoughts on this topic. For starters, many people think that because of the low inventory, you will have a harder time finding the house that you’re looking for. While this may be true, one may want to consider that the housing inventory has been low in general over the past year or so. In Downtown San Diego alone, were facing a housing supply of about 2 months worth of inventory. A “healthy” market would have as much as 5-6 months of inventory available. The counter point to this argument would be that, while the inventory may be down in the holiday season, so is the competition. Should you find the special home that you are looking for, there is less of a chance that you will be in competition with others over that same home. Along with this point comes the theory that with less buyers in the market, sellers that actually NEED to sell will have to lower their prices below market value. This could be a huge swing in the buyers favor as it opens up the chance to stumble on to a deal that otherwise would not be obtainable.

Whichever side of the fence that you may be on whether or not to buy a home during the holiday season, were here to help. For a complimentary Downtown San Diego market evaluation, please feel free to contact us anytime. To view our entire Downtown San Diego Real Estate inventory, please click here. ')}