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7 Home Décor Styles for a Condominium

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Downtown San Diego condo owners have been feeling confident about real estate market conditions over the last couple of years. Demand from prospective buyers has been fantastic, and in 2017 a downtown San Diego condo property will sell quickly at high prices even if it is not the most attractive one on the market. However, it is important to remember market conditions may suddenly change. If you would like to be able to get the top price for your condo in any market, you must focus on décor.

Stylish condos in Core San Diego will always manage to attract the right buyers regardless of market conditions. With the right décor, a passionate buyer may fall in love with a property without giving much thought to bargaining. Here are seven décor ideas that will make your condo look great.

1. Traditional

If you look at interior design magazines from European capitals, you will see many of the elements that make up the traditional style. Since apartments in Paris, London, and Rome tend to be cozy, this style is adequate for a condo. It favors dark wood textures, light-colored furniture, various decorations, and comfortable fabrics.

2. Rustic

Condo owners who have exposed wood beams, textured walls, or flooring that resembles wood surfaces are halfway to creating a rustic décor look for their living space. This style calls for wood and stone textures along with craftsman furniture. If you don’t have wooden roof beams, talk to an interior decorator about installing faux beams to match laminate wood floors.

3. Bohemian

As its name suggests, this style should be focused on comfortable spaces that invite occupants and guests to lounge around and relax. There is a lot of decorating freedom associated with bohemian décor. You can mix vintage furniture with modern decorations from around the world.

4. New Age

This style incorporates elements of spirituality with rustic and bohemian designs. Dark red and purple patterns, paisleys, crystals, glassware, psychedelic prints, and framed paintings of tranquil nature scenes are the main elements of New Age décor. You should also keep electronics to a minimum.

5. Minimalism

Similar to New Age, minimalism is rooted in some principles of Zen Buddhism. Modern families in Japan are eschewing consumerism and learning to live with less, but they are also creating stylish spaces based on the aesthetics preferred by the late Steve Jobs and his iPhone design philosophy. This type of décor favors white walls and light-colored flooring with very little furniture.

6. American Country

American Country décor is similar to the rustic style but with greater emphasis on wood textures, craftsman furniture, and feminine touches such as plants, flowers, and floral prints.

7. 1980s Modernist

This look is making a strong comeback due to its masterful contrast of black against white accentuated by vivid primary colors. You can also apply some pastel and neon colors.

Décor is important no matter what type of downtown property you own. Whether you’re looking for lofts in East Village or condos for sale in Columbia District, San Diego is an amazing place to live. Start your search for your dream home today by calling 92101 Urban Living at 619-649-0368. ')}