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Home Gadgets Every Tech Lover Needs

By Mike in Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Tech lovers who need to have the most innovative devices will love the following gadgets. Not only do these offer solutions, they also look cool.

Wine Ager and Refrigerator

The Wave is a wine lover’s dream. It ages wine to improve quality. This cleverly designed compact wine refrigerator features a touchscreen for a fully customizable experience and a magnetic cooling system that has the ability to heat up materials when magnetized and cool when taken away from the magnetic field. Not only will the high-tech Wave age your wine, it’ll also increase energy efficiency.

IQ Alarm Clock

Instead of pressing the snooze button over and over again until you finally get yourself up in the morning, you can rely on this sleek alarm clock to ask you questions that require you to be alert enough to answer them. This type of innovative alarm clock uses your brainpower to ensure that you wake up and get up immediately.

Floor Plan Light Switch

With the floor plan switch, you’ll never have to deal with forgetting which light switch goes to what light again. This cutting-edge master light switch features a simple design of the floor plan of your East Village loft or Gaslamp penthouse on the front of it. This light switch also offers you the convenience of being able to display and control all of the lights throughout your place.

Controllable Lamp 

The RIMA lamp is truly one-of-a-kind because of its interesting features and modern design. This futuristic light uses a unique mechanism that allows you to control the light by way of four controller rings that you can simply slide. This striking lamp also has a processor that controls the intensity, angle, and the warmth of the beam and color that emanates from it.

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