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Home Improvement Projects: Hire a Pro or DIY?

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

So you just bought a condo or loft for sale in Downtown San Diego, and it needs a little TLC. While it may be tempting to tackle each project with a hearty DIY mentality, certain projects are best left to the pros.


DIY: If you’re adding a backsplash in the kitchen or want to replace the flooring in a room or two, chances are you can handle it on your own. Between video tutorials and easy-to-use products like snap-on flooring, if you have the time and the patience these projects are very manageable.

Pro: On the other hand, if you want to replace the flooring in your entire condo, have an unusual layout, or don’t think you have the time to commit to such a large project (even in 500 square feet this will take you a while), bite the bullet and hire a professional.


DIY: If you have experience with things like ripping out cabinets, basic demo projects will be manageable. Don’t forget to wear protective gear.

Pro: Large-scale projects, like knocking out a wall or projects that will involve utilities such as plumbing or electrical, will require a professional. Although you own the unit, you will likely have to check with the association as well.


DIY: In general, painting is about as DIY-friendly as it gets. You can purchase paint as needed, paint walls as needed, and use painter’s tape to keep the paint where you want it. While painting is relatively easy, keep in mind it can be time-consuming and physically taxing.

Pro: Because you won’t be painting the outside of your place, there are relatively few times to hire a pro for this project. If you aren’t comfortable on a ladder, don’t have free time, have intricate architecture, or simply don’t have the time, outsource.

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