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There is Hope for a Public Fish Market in San Diego

By urbanadmin in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|January 2015|Marina|Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

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How awesome would it be if San Diego had a permanent open-air public fish market? In August 2014 the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market was open. Every Saturday the market is selling tons of fresh seafood to the public. The supervisor of Tuna Harbor Dockside Market, Greg Cox, says there are roughly 350 visitors each Saturday, this sounds like success to me! Imagine being able to walk from your loft or condo located in one of the Downtown San Diego neighborhoods, like the Marina District, a couple times a week for fresh seafood!


The Tuna Harbor Dockside Market is located on Fish Harbor Pier just next to Downtown San Diego’s Seaport Village and is open on Saturdays from 8 AM- 1 PM. The market seeks to provide an understanding of locally caught seafood and raise awareness of the working fishing harbor. By educating their customers they will promote the health and wellness of the San Diego community and promote environmental sustainability.


Practically everyone these days trys to eat “Farm to Table” and this is one of the best ways to have fresh food right at your table. With the stunning waterfront areas of Downtown San Diego continuing up along the coastline North, this would make our community a truly coastal city. A permanent open-air public fish market would revive San Diego’s commercial fishing industry that once thrived in the 80’s and make for an even better “waterfront” experience.


The goal is to set up these open-air public fish markets as “food facilities” leading them to follow strict guidelines under the Retail Food Code. Currently lobbyists in Sacramento are working to advance this topic there and in San  Diego. Check out Tuna Harbor Dockside Market’s catch of the week here!