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How to Host a Holiday Party for Small Space Living

By urbanadmin in December 2014|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|East Village with 0 Comments

Terrace Cafe

The holidays are officially here and that means holiday parties! Some of us here in Downtown San Diego quiver when we think about having a holiday gathering. Given the prime location we have chosen to live in, we have to sacrifice space. Most of us need to get creative when hosting a holiday party. We have to decide where our guests will sit, dine, and drink. As a Downtown Real Estate Agent I would call this  small space living cozy. Cozy is exactly what you want for your next holiday party.

One way to utilize your smaller condo or loft space at your holiday party is to ditch the table and use the floor. Set up floor pillows and decorate your coffee table with some soft lighting and holiday decor to create that warm holiday feel.

Have a bench? Benches are a great way to add additional seating to your dining room table without taking up all of the space of those dining room chairs.

Most love sitting out on their over sized patios. Why eat inside when we have more room outside? Take the holiday party to the balcony and enjoy the stunning scenery of Downtown San Diego in the evening.

Or to really impress your guests, take it to the roof! If your cozy condo has an over sized roof top deck take your guests up top to enjoy sweeping views of the city. In the East Village of San Diego, here are some buildings with roof top decks: Icon, The Legend, Smart Corner, M2i, and Diamond Terrace just to name a few.

Forget about small space living. Eat, drink and live it up in your cozy Downtown San Diego condo, outdoor patio or rooftop deck this year!