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What You Can Learn from House Flippers

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Selling Tips with 0 Comments

Reality television makes house flipping look easy, but the reality is most people aren’t cut out to buy, renovate, and sell properties. While you may not make your fortune through flipping houses, there are a number of helpful hints both buyers and sellers can learn from these experienced professionals.

Design for the Buyers’ Tastes

It is tempting for an investor to make a flipped house look like their dream home, but it is important to remember that an individual’s tastes might not be ideal for mass appeal. When listing your Downtown San Diego condo for sale, avoid bright colors or odd design elements. Most experts suggest painting with classic colors like antique white and installing features such as crown molding, which most buyers appreciate.

Build a Relationship with Local Agents

Many flippers say that they have made their best deals due to tips from local real estate agents. Real estate agents know about foreclosed, outdated, or deteriorated properties that may be sold cheap. Having tips about properties that may be a good investment with a little elbow grease can be a huge help if you’re trying to get into a specific neighborhood on a budget.

Wait Before Putting the Property on the Market

Expert flippers say the biggest mistake people make is rushing to list a property. It is important to make sure that everything is ready before the property is put on the market, including any minor (or major) renovations and fixes to problems that might put potential buyers off.

Get Help from Experts

Some people worry that hiring experts for even simple renovations might cut into their profits, but the experts insist that hiring experts makes the property more valuable to prospective buyers. Having experts who can do a great job on technical work, such as plumbing or electricity, can be a great asset.

As mentioned above, working with an experienced real estate agent in Downtown San Diego can have a significant impact when buying or selling your place. If you’re still looking for the right agent to work with who understands your needs and wants, reach out to 92101 Urban Living at (619) 649-0368 and schedule an appointment today. ')}