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4 Ways People with Asthma Can Avoid Paint Fumes

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When painting the outside of condos in Columbia District San Diego, the interior will be exposed to only a minimum of fumes. If the painting takes place on a day when there is a light to moderate breeze, even fewer fumes will make their way inside of your home. If you have asthma and your homeowners association has decided to have the complex painted, follow these 4 tips to protect yourself from exposure to fumes.

1. Close Windows and Vents

If you usually keep your windows open, keep them closed during the painting process. Any vents should also stay closed. However, you can keep your dryer and fan vents open for proper ventilation. Keeping windows and window vents closed helps maintain an airtight seal inside of your home so the fumes do not bother you.

2. Run the HVAC System

To keep fresh air circulating in your home, turn on your air conditioning or heating system. Even if you do not need the temperature to change, you can turn the system on and use the fan function. This allows the air to pass through the system’s filter so you are only breathing in fresh, clean air.

3. Try to Schedule the Painting When You’re Not Home

If possible, avoid coming and going during the painting process. This helps minimize your exposure to paint fumes. Try to convince the homeowners association to schedule the painting for times when you and most other residents are at work or away for the day.

4. Choose Low-VOC Paints

Make sure the painters are using a low-VOC paint. This type of paint releases few to zero volatile organic compounds, which is ideal for anyone who has a respiratory condition such as asthma.

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