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5 Tips for Creating a Great Airbnb Listing for Your Downtown San Diego Condo

By Mike in Rentals with 0 Comments

In September 2019, the Times of San Diego published a report by Airbnb about the most popular California destinations for renters between Labor Day and Memorial Day. While Los Angeles County drew the most Airbnb tenants, San Diego came in second place, with more than 482,000 visitors generating $122 million in revenue. Unsurprisingly, beach areas were the San Diego destinations that welcomed more Airbnb renters. However, quite a few short-term stays were recorded in the downtown districts. Airbnb executives expect guest arrivals to increase in San Diego and other choice housing markets around the country in 2020, and this could be a lucrative opportunity for downtown San Diego condo owners.

Since we’re bound to see more competition for Airbnb dollars, property owners who wish to claim a portion of this lucrative market should be thinking about how they can make their listings stand out so they can get more bookings. Here are five recommendations.

1. Start with the Title

Airbnb gives you just 50 characters to headline your condo, so your title should feature adjectives that are likely to resonate with prospective renters. Think about one or two words that describe your unit. If it’s tastefully designed, you can use “stylish.” A loft can be described as being “spacious,” and a one-bedroom unit that can only accommodate a couple will be “cozy.” Try to work the location into the title. For example, let renters know your condo is in the Gaslamp Quarter or Little Italy.

2. Hire a Professional

Real estate agents who have previously worked with landlord clients are now offering their services to maximize the revenue potential of Airbnb units. Since Airbnb is a highly visual platform, staging the unit prior to taking photographs can go a long way toward attracting certain guests, particularly those with deeper pockets.

3. Always Keep the Beach in Mind

The heart of downtown San Diego is only seven miles away from Pacific Beach, which happens to be the most sought-after spot by Airbnb guests. Make sure to mention this in your description, but you should also add how easy it is to get there by means of public transportation. Research the best San Diego Metropolitan Transit System routes from your building to the beach, and include them in the listing. You may also want to offer a Compass Card with enough fare for a couple of trips to the beach.

4. Highlight Neighborhood Attractions

Highlighting local attractions has proven to be very effective for Airbnb listings in European cities, and it should also work for your downtown San Diego condo. If there’s a coffee shop on the same block, it should be mentioned, and the same goes for restaurants, food markets, and pubs.

5. Choose the Best Three Images

Take many high-resolution photos, not just of the unit but also the amenities, entrance, and the closest neighborhood attractions. If you’ve staged your condo, make sure to include various interior images. In the end, the best three photos should be the most representative of the listing, but you’ll be able to upload many others.

If you’re thinking of buying a downtown San Diego condo, loft, or penthouse as an investment that generates rental income through services like Airbnb, make sure to work with agents who have years of experience buying and selling real estate in downtown San Diego. The professionals at 92101 Urban Living can help you find the property that’s perfect for your needs. Call us today at 619-649-0368 to schedule an appointment.