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4 Ways to Make Sure Guests Get Home Safe on New Year’s

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For many people, New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to celebrate with a night of wild drinking. As a result, many people make poor decisions and drive while intoxicated. If you own or rent one of the amazing lofts, penthouses, and condos in Cortez Hill San Diego and are throwing a New Year’s Eve party, consider how you are going to get your guests home safely.

1. Call a Cab

Yellow, Silver, and San Diego Cabs will all have plenty of taxi drivers on the road on New Year’s Eve, and you can always get ahold of an Uber or Lyft driver as well. These services will probably be very busy on this popular drinking night, so make sure to set up rides for people ahead of time if possible. It can be frustrating to wait a long time for a taxi.

2. Rent a Limo or a Bus

Make sure your guests get home in style by renting a limo or a party bus. With a huge variety of options available in the downtown area, one is sure to be right for your guests. Top-rated services include Royalty, A Plus, and Aall In. These services often fill up very quickly on New Year’s Eve, so make sure to plan in advance.

3. Drive Everyone Yourself

Even if you need to make several trips, you can always take your guests home yourself. This helps ensure everyone gets home safely, as long as you have refrained from drinking for the night. Of course, you still run the risk of getting hit by another driver who is not being responsible, so make sure you pay extra attention to the road.

4. Choose Designated Drivers

Some of your guests might choose to abstain from drinking for the night so they can gives others a ride home. If possible, give these designated drivers a small gift to thank them for their time and trouble.

New Year’s Eve is a great time to party. If you own Cortez Hill San Diego real estate or your landlord allows, consider letting your guests spend the night. This way, no one has to be on the road when it is filled with intoxicated drivers. Everyone can relax and enjoy the party at your downtown San Diego location.

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