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How to Meet People in Your New Downtown San Diego Neighborhood

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Lifestyle with 0 Comments

The 21st century is filled with social paradoxes related to meeting new people in major metropolitan areas. We live in an age of social media engagement and Internet connectivity around the clock, but we still seem to have a difficult time connecting to each other in real life, particularly when we move into a new place. Publications such as The New York Times often comment on this phenomenon with trend pieces that underscore the irony of living in a populous city and still finding it challenging to meet new people.

Compared to New York City, meeting new people in San Diego is considerably easier. Despite being a smaller metropolitan area with fewer than 1.5 million people, the lifestyle here is more relaxed and conducive to social engagement, particularly for residents of the downtown districts. Here are some tips to help you meet new and interesting people once you settle in downtown San Diego.

Check Your Condo’s Social Agenda

If you live in a condo in downtown San Diego, check to see if your homeowners association organizes its own social gatherings. Depending on the condo, the events may range from yoga classes to neighborly get-together sessions and Tupperware parties. In some cases, these social events may coincide with a formal association meeting to make them more enticing and encourage attendance.

Learn the Arts of Cocktail Mixing and Craft Brewing

Located in the East Village at 1495 G Street, You & Yours is a distillery and cocktail bar that offers informal classes on how to prepare exotic cocktails. Unlike bartending classes, the lessons you can take at You & Yours are fun and casual. If you’re more of a hands-on individual, craft brewery tours and courses may prove more interesting. To this effect, the Karl Strauss Brewing Company on Columbia Street offers a program coordinated through San Diego State University for people interested in the business aspects of the craft beer world.

Take Dance Lessons at Balboa Park

Several dance clubs and groups take advantage of the hardwood floors of the Balboa Park Club to teach lessons and schedule events. Friday and Sunday are the busiest nights for the Balboa Park Dancers club, which practices traditional disciplines such as ballroom, foxtrot, square, and line dancing, but it also offers lessons in samba and several other Latin rhythms.

Go to the Little Italy Mercato

Every Saturday afternoon, the blocks running from Kettner Boulevard down to Front Street feature more than a hundred vendor stalls where you can find vegetables, fruits, grains, spices, exotic ingredients, coffee, pastries, crafts, and more. You don’t have to be a foodie or home chef to enjoy this street market, which has been attracting residents and tourists for decades. As long as you’re interested in meeting your downtown San Diego neighbors, you’ll certainly enjoy the Little Italy Mercato.

If you’re just moving to downtown San Diego, you’ll find that people are extremely friendly and laid back, so if you know where to look, it shouldn’t be too difficult to meet new people. If you’re considering whether to buy real estate in downtown San Diego, reach out to the experienced professionals at 92101 Urban Living for help finding your perfect downtown home. Call us today at 619-649-0368.