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The Secrets to Painting Walls Like a Pro

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Interior painting is one of the most immediate and effective methods to transform a living space and give it a whole new look. To make the most out of this interior decorating task, you should take it upon yourself to complete it. Many people who purchase lofts in Cortez Hill San Diego love to paint their walls themselves, and painting by itself is not a difficult task. As long you follow certain steps, you should be able to give your home a professional upgrade.

Plan the Project

The first step consists of envisioning the look you want to apply to your living space. To this effect, consider the existing furniture and decorations and whether you plan on keeping them. If you have been planning on introducing a certain fabric, now is the time to think about the colors. Keep in mind painting is not isolated to the walls. You also have the ceiling, doors and trim to consider. In general, you should keep the ceiling and trim uniform across the house. The next step is to look at design ideas online so you can decide on the colors. Save your favorite ideas on your smartphone so you can show them to the clerks at the paint store.

Purchase Paint and Supplies

Take wall-by-wall area measurements by means of multiplying width by height. To get an idea of how much you will need, a gallon of paint or primer will cover about 400 square feet. You don’t have to subtract windows unless they are panoramic. Measuring the trim and doors can be done piece by piece before adding them all up. If you plan on using sponge brushes, purchase one of each size for every room. One sponge roller should be good for two rooms. You will need at least two rolls of masking tape: one narrow and the other wide. Get plenty of rags, a bottle of thinner, one disposable tray liner for every room, a plastic scraper, and a few sheets of sandpaper for prep work. You can use old sheets for drop cloths and newspapers to cover the floor.

Prepare the Surfaces

You don’t have to remove the old paint completely. However, you should scrape away all imperfections and sand them down until the surface is smooth and opaque. Use water and thinner to wipe down the surface before applying primer and letting it dry completely. Don’t worry if the primer is not uniform. Once it dries, apply masking tape to the trim and all areas that will not be painted. When striping the area with tape, be as meticulous as possible so you can paint over it with confidence.

Apply the Paint

As long as you are using high-quality foam rollers and brushes, you can use just about any technique. Look at your work critically and pay attention to the uniformity. Give the first coat plenty of time to dry and settle. It will not match the sample or intended color for a few hours. Always leave the detail work for last, and apply less paint when working the trim.

Whether you’re looking at lofts in Gaslamp Quarter or Core San Diego condos, there’s a good chance you’ll want to do some painting. However, you need to find the home you’re looking for first. Get in touch with 92101 Urban Living at 619-649-0368 to speak with one of our friendly agents and begin your search. ')}