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How to Prep Your Loft Before Selling It

By Mike in Selling Tips with 0 Comments

Lofts in downtown San Diego have become increasingly popular, which has made some current loft owners decide to sell their properties. Once the decision to sell your loft has been made, there are several steps you will want to take to ensure a successful transaction. Consider the following tips prior to listing your loft on the market.

Let the Light In

Many people prefer loft style residences because they are usually open spaces with a lot of windows. If you have curtains or other window dressings, be sure to remove everything to let potential buyers get the feel of openness they crave. If the windows are covered, buyers will fail to see the potential of your loft.

Showcase Its Uniqueness

Almost every loft has unique characteristics, whether it is pipes lining the ceiling, brick walls, or high ceilings. Be sure to remove as many personal touches as you can to make sure you showcase what your loft offers. These unique characteristics may be the deciding factor for your buyers.

Open It Up

Because many loft apartments are small, it is important to remove all clutter prior to any showings. Another option is to get creative with the storage to provide potential buyers with an example of how easily it is to store items in the space. If they walk into clutter, they will not believe their stuff will fit in the loft.

Consider Staging

If you have a very eclectic style, you may want to hire a professional to come stage your loft apartment prior to listing it. You want the actual loft to be seen, not your personal items. Many potential buyers cannot get past the décor to see what is really possible in the loft, but having it staged could make all the difference in your sale.

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