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4 Ways to Stay Entertained on a Long Commute

By Mike in Miscellaneous with 0 Comments

Driving to work can be a boring experience, especially if you hit traffic or have a long commute and you drive alone. 92101 real estate agents have a few suggestions to keep your mind engaged and entertained while driving to and from work each day.

1. Listen to a Book

Perhaps the most obvious way to entertain yourself while driving is to download Audible so you can listen to great literature and current best sellers without taking your eyes off the road. Try something new, like a historical fiction sci-fi novel or the autobiography of a little-known hero. Make sure to download your books before you leave, and never mess with the controls while driving.

2. Learn a Lesson

Beyond audio books, there are also hundreds of informational podcasts available free of charge. You can learn how to plant a successful garden or revitalize your stock portfolio, or you can hear all the history lessons you’ve forgotten or never learned. Many podcasters have created apps to notify you of new episodes and have them waiting for you at the beginning of each commute.

3. Create a Literary Masterpiece

In addition to consuming great literary works, you can also create your own. Simply download a recording app and use your phone as a Dictaphone, then hit record and start talking. Later, transcribe these recordings. You can write that novel you’ve always talked about, or maybe a touching memoir or award-winning screenplay. You can also create lists of ideas to remember or things to do, or an audio journal for posterity. The possibilities are endless.

4. Make a Video of Yourself Lip-Synching

Though you never know what will go viral online, videos of people lip-syncing are usually a safe bet. If you like to groove out while driving, consider mounting your phone safely on the dashboard and capturing your antics on camera. Later, when you’re no longer driving, you can edit your video and post it online, then wait to see who likes it. Maybe a star will be born.

Whatever you choose to do while driving, be sure to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. If you happen to be looking for lofts, penthouses, or condos for sale in 92101, wait until after your commute, then get in touch with 92101 Urban Living at 619-649-0368, and we would be happy to show you the latest properties up for grabs. ')}