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Does Downtown San Diego Rank High in Walkability?

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

There was a time when Southern California was not the gridlock capital of the world, when residents in many neighborhoods could actually walk to stores, parks, pubs, cafés, restaurants, gyms, banks, churches, and other places intrinsic to their lifestyles. After World War II, financial prosperity and the auto industry transformed Southern California into a mess of freeways that underestimated future traffic growth.

Since the early 21st century, major cities such as San Diego have undergone a process of revitalization that includes making neighborhoods more friendly to pedestrians. This process is also known as making communities “walkable,” and it often begins with downtown districts.

New York is the most walkable American city, followed by San Francisco. In the case of the San Diego metropolitan area, downtown residents are more likely to enjoy pedestrian lifestyles than those living in the suburbs. If you prefer to walk and enjoy sunny days instead of sitting in traffic jams, here are your best options in downtown San Diego.

Core-Columbia District

The heart of downtown San Diego is highly walkable and does not require a car for daily life. The numerous mass transit options make it easy to reach other destinations, and there are more than 400 bars, restaurants, and cafés that residents can reach in less than 10 minutes.

Gaslamp Quarter

If you enjoy riding a bike more than walking, the historic Gaslamp Quarter is for you. This is a neighborhood where you can get most daily errands accomplished by walking, but you will also find various bicycle lanes and city bus lines to ease your commute. In Gaslamp, lofts and condos are extremely hot properties because they are so close to the best walkable action.

Little Italy

This district has a high density of restaurants, pubs, bistros, and trendy eateries for residents and visitors to enjoy. Parking can be quite a challenge in Little Italy. This fact alone makes it more convenient to pedestrians. Moreover, a few sections of this district are cordoned off during weekends for street markets and festivals. If you’re looking for one of the hottest spots for downtown real estate, Little Italy San Diego should be at the top of your list.

Park West

Located just northeast of Little Italy, Park West has the distinction of being next door to Balboa Park, one of the greatest attractions in San Diego. This district walks the line between urban and suburban. There is a lot of vehicular traffic on the main streets, but pedestrians have ample sidewalks to enjoy.

Horton Plaza

The district surrounding this mall is even more walkable than Core-Columbia. Horton Plaza may seem as if it is entirely commercial, but a few condominium towers and lofts are home to more than 1,400 residents who are not likely to own cars because they do not need them. Similar to Little Italy, residents enjoy street markets on the weekends, and they can travel to other areas of San Diego by means of nine bus lines. Horton Plaza also boasts historic landmarks such as the Balboa Theatre.

Whether you’re interested in condos in Little Italy or penthouses in Columbia District, San Diego is a great place to live for those seeking walkable neighborhoods. Make sure you get in touch with the reliable agents at 92101 Urban Living before you start your search. Call 619-649-0368 today to set up an appointment.