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5 Ways to Highlight the Industrial Characteristics of Your Loft

By Mike in Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Highlighting Your Loft's Industrial Characteristics

So you’ve just bought a loft in Downtown San Diego and want to highlight its industrial characteristics, but don’t know where to start. Well, achieving a polished warehouse look isn’t hard at all. Here are 5 simple tips to decorate and design your loft to give it that modern industrial look you’re gunning for.

1. Expose Ducts and Pipes

By exposing your ducts and pipes, you instantly give your loft an industrial feel. The exposed metal gives the room a raw edge and shiny metal offers a sharp contrast to white or light colored walls.

2. Accessorize with Metal

Whether a table, bar stools, staircase, or chair, a variety of shiny metal elements will transform even a non-traditional loft. When in doubt, always buy metallic accessories. Ceiling fans, kitchen appliances, picture frames, and pans hanging over a counter all will emphasize the room’s industrial mood through steely accents. Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals, either.

3. Go with Wood

Wood juxtaposed against metal will add warmth while preserving the industrial integrity of your new space. The key to success is utilizing long, sleek wood elements such as rich hardwood floors, a polished French Country table (with metal chairs), or a heavy oak sideboard. No need to be matchy matchy–use a variety of wood shades and a variety of finishings.

4. Add Antique Touches

Vintage leather furniture and antique light fixtures or other accessories will take the old factory motif one step further. Add a row of oversized functional metal and glass lighting, or repeat identical light fixtures throughout a room. If possible, leave the mechanical elements exposed.

5. Choose Color Accents

Large sections of white or grey unifies your new East Village or Cortez Hill loft and keeps the interior modern looking. Countertops, kitchen cabinets or a brick fireplace painted in a light color will give the loft an airy feel. Take it one step further with white sheets, towels and linens. White accents offer a nice contrast to the wood and metal and compliment the room. Grey concrete countertops and floors are also a functional, sleek and beautiful option.

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