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Industrializing Your Loft Space

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

How to Achieve That Industrial Look at Home

These days, the number of people wanting the loft living experience has surpassed the number of converted loft spaces. The new urban lofts in Downtown San Diego are spacious, accessible, and feature top amenities. However, they sometimes lack the organic industrial appeal that buyers are looking for. Loft spaces can be cosmetically industrialized in order to provide the look and feel conducive to the atmosphere of a true loft space.

1. Lines and Angles
When configuring an industrial decorating design, begin with straight lines and sharp angles. Clean, smooth lines and blunt corners give more of a factory feel than rounded edges and curving lines.

2. Materials
Materials can be the key to the perfect loft interior. For an industrialized look, use sturdy, solid materials. Contrast between materials with smooth, sleek textures like steel and rougher ones like stone or brick.

3. Colors
The color palette is also important when designing for the industrial feel. Shades of black, white, steel blue, and gray are the recommended basic colors. Typically, there are few bright or pastel colors in the industrial loft color-scheme. However, a splash here and there can prevent your space from feeling too dark.

4. Lighting
A loft living space requires a lot of light in order to fill the vastness and not be overcome by shadows. A loft, especially one with high ceilings, benefits most from natural light and having a lot of windows, especially tall windows, will add to the warehouse-like feel of an authentic loft.

5. Layout
The space needs to feel as open and expansive as possible. An open floorplan, where the kitchen and other living spaces are accessible and visible to one another, will make creating the industrial feel easier. Leaving windows and floors bare, or using a minimum amount textiles like rugs and curtains, will help to create that atmosphere.

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