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Lane Field in Downtown San Diego to become Hotel & Park SpaceThe Port of San Diego has given the yes to move forward with the plan to redevelop the former home of the Padres…Lane Field. Located in the Columbia District of Downtown San Diego a new hotel tower with 400 rooms and a park might be on the schedule as long as the California Coastal Commission agrees.

In the plans for this area before the Port released this current plan was the vision of a luxury InterContinental Hotel.  The plans changed as result of the economy where financing would be a problem as well as the park space requirement. There might still be room for the luxury InterContinental high-rise further down road.

If you walk down Broadway Avenue towards the new Broadway Pier…Lane Field is located just to the right of Broadway before you hit Harbor Drive. Many Downtown San Diego Condo home owners in The Grande as well as surrounding complexes as Bayside, Treo and Sapphire have been curious about the plans for the now empty lot that is currently being used as public parking. They are wondering how this new development will effect their views and investment values? Well….views will depend on what orientation the unit has in the Grande towers as well as on what floor its located. If you are South or West facing…some of your view might get blocked…but on the other hand…the new development will not be up super close so it will still have some set back and great views will still be there. Another positive thing to remember is the new public park space this project will bring and this is something we all welcome.

The big plan and the $1 million project would specifically include;

  • Two hotels including a 250 room Homewood Suites and a 150 room Hilton Garden Inn
  • A public park & plaza including landscaped areas, a food pavilion, public restrooms and a special homage to the Padres’

A groundbreaking could be expected by early 2013 and a completion by late 2014… should the commission agree with the Port of San Diego. Stay tuned for more information to come! ')}