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Lines between Urban Living and Suburban Living Blur

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|October 2014 with 0 Comments

Luxury Urban Living in the Marina District of Downtown San Diego

There was a time in the not to distant past when the concept of Urban Living in Downtown San Diego was considered a “trend” or “fad”.   We now know this is no longer the case.   Urban Living in Downtown San Diego (or Southern California for that matter) is desirable and here to stay.   Many “urbanists” will now argue that as Cities grow and suburbs decline…the line between Urban Living and Suburban living will continue to blur.  Condo living in Downtown San Diego has become a “movement of lifestyle”.   More and more potential buyers of all ages seek out urban living to be surrounded by: work, live, and entertainment.

In an article entitled “The Fading Distinction Between City and Suburb” the author Richard Florida highlights interesting issues and details surrounding the trend towards a more urban Lifestyle.   If you have a chance, take the time to read through this interesting article.   Here are some bullet points taken for review:

  •  The relationship between income and suburban ways of living are strongest in older and more industrial  metros that feature more single family housing
  • The relationship between income and suburban ways of living is weaker in larger metro areas and cities where living density is higher and more affluent people live in downtown Condos
  • As the value of housing increases and commutes to urban cores becomes expensive and difficult, those with higher incomes live closer to the urban core in Downtown Condos
  • Higher income people living in urban areas continue to prefer and lead similar lifestyles.  The buy the largest condos, shop at the same stores, and frequent similar amenities.