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5 Home Improvements You Shouldn’t Make to Your Loft Yourself

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With the housing market in San Diego enjoying unprecedented levels of positive data, many owners of lofts in Cortez Hill San Diego and other neighborhoods in downtown may feel tempted to take on home improvement projects that increase the value of their properties. When these projects are completed on a do-it-yourself basis, they are known as “sweat equity” and tend to be deeply satisfying. What loft owners should realize is that not all home improvements should be taken on as DIY projects. Upgrading your walk-in closets with inserts or setting up an Amazon Echo to manage smart home automation devices is not the same as the following projects, which will require hiring professional contractors to complete them.

1. Removing Hazardous Materials

Just about every metro housing market in the United States is bound to have lofts that were neglected and abandoned for decades due to complex probate court battles. When these properties are finally cleared to be sold, many owners do not bother with improvements. They choose to liquidate at bargain prices to buyers willing to take care of removing lead-based paint and asbestos materials. Lead and asbestos poisoning is not something you want to risk.

2. Installing New Windows

You might be surprised to learn that installation of windows involves many steps and specialized tools that cost more than just a typical hammer and screwdriver. Building a new window frame with proper insulation and sealing is not as easy as it sounds.

3. Reconditioning Hardwood Floors

Do you know how to determine when natural wood planks can be salvaged by leaving them in place versus taking them out for reconditioning? If you do not know the answer to this question, you should probably leave this project to a flooring professional who can properly assess the condition of the wood. In some cases, you may be better off switching to engineered planks of laminate products, and the old planks can always be recycled.

4. Performing Electrical Work

You may feel emboldened to tackle electrical wiring projects in your loft after changing a light fixture, but keep in mind the electrician profession is licensed in California. When it comes to residential wiring, there are municipal codes and condominium bylaws to follow. Plus, there is also the safety angle to consider, which goes beyond making sure the power is disconnected when you are working. Leaving exposed wires close to certain materials can create fire risks.

5. Modifying the Structure

Many Marina San Diego lofts limit the options in terms of modifying the floor plan. If you want to know the extent of the structural changes you can make, you need to check with the HOA board as well as the building department. You also need to obtain permits that are usually granted only to licensed contractors. Furthermore, the structural changes you make are subject to approval by building code inspectors.

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