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The Dos and Dont’s of Throwing a Loft Party

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Loft Party Guidelines

You deserve to have an awesome housewarming party in your new Gaslamp Quarter loft with great friends, food, and booze. However, this party will christen your new place and set the tone of future festivities, so you want to make sure it doesn’t go down in infamy. Use the following dos and don’ts to ensure your bash is one to remember for all the right reasons.

Do: Invite Neighbors

It’s a party. If it’s not loud, you’re not doing it right. Inviting your neighbors beforehand will give you some leniency throughout the night. Don’t spring it on them in the elevator, either. Swing by their place with a small treat (homemade brownies, a good IPA, etc.) and some decent earplugs. Whether or not they come, it’s the thought that counts.

Do: Reserve a Communal Space

If your neighbors aren’t playing nice or your new loft simply isn’t big enough to accommodate everyone, reserve the communal space in your building. You can take small groups of people to see your new place throughout the evening, or host a small after party once the crowd thins out.

Do: Relax

Some things may get wet or dirty—that’s part of having a party. Don’t worry about a few spills or crumbs on the ground. Unless someone is being overly destructive, simply allow the party to take its course and clean in the morning.

Don’t: Forget to Review Building Rules

You’re new to the building (maybe it’s your first time buying real estate Downtown San Diego) and might not know which rules are strictly enforced or which security guards will let little things go. If you’ve gotten to know your neighbors, you can discreetly ask them for helpful tips. However, before you even plan a party, check on regulations for things like noise levels and capacity restrictions.

Don’t: Ignore Security Guards

Speaking of security guards, build a friendly relationship with your on-site security guards. Establishing yourself as a polite and respectful resident will help when handling any warnings or complaints during the party (and well beyond).

Don’t: Think the Party Itself is Enough

If you’ve thrown a party before (and we hope you have), you know just having a party isn’t enough. Take the time to enhance the atmosphere with special lighting, cool table pieces, and quirky cups and stir sticks, throw a few fun party games out because you never know, and keep an eye on food, alcohol, and ice supplies. Nothing kills a good party faster than bored partygoers or empty liquor bottles.

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