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How to Cozy Up Your Condo This Winter

By Mike in Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

While you might be in love with the condo for sale in Downtown San Diego you just purchased, you might not love the 70-degree weather during winter (hey, it’s not for everyone). Follow these simple tips for creating a cozy condo this winter, regardless of the temperature outside.

1. Use Warm Lighting

Table and floor lamps can be used to set a tone of warmth. If your overhead lighting is too harsh, try installing a dimmer switch to lessen the brightness or switch from warm bulbs to cool bulbs. For a cheaper alternative, try candles, which are sure to give off the perfect glow.

2. Display Books and Blankets

Curling up with a good book and a blanket is one of the best parts of winter. Displaying your books will insulate your place, help block out sound, and having touchable blankets on couches and chairs will add warmth.

3. Stow some Slippers

Floors are always colder in the winter. If you require guests to remove their shoes when coming into your Downtown San Diego loft, keeping a basket of clean slippers or socks out for guests to wear is a nice touch.

4. Offer a Variety of Hot Drinks

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate-whatever your craving is, satisfy it with a variety of hot drinks. Having multiple hot drinks to choose from can turn your condo into a cozy place to stay instead of going out in the cold. Consider setting out a decorative display for an extra cozy touch.

5. Dress up your Tables

Tablecloths are a great way to cozy up your furniture for the winter. Table runners with seasonal designs, seasonal flower arrangements like poinsettias, and large pillar candles in silver and gold are a great for the cooler months.

6. Layer Rugs and Bedding

Layering your rugs can add warmth and style to your condo, not to mention extra comfort to your feet. Throwing a warm blanket and extra pillows onto your bedding will give your bedroom a snug feel.

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