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New Life In Old Inventory

By Mike in with 0 Comments

The inventory in Downtown San Diego and the overall San Diego market is nearing historic lows. Sellers are worried they wont get enough for their Downtown San Diego property, and buyers arent finding very much. There is hope that more inventory is on its way from a very unlikely source. Realtor Magazine explains in Dead Listings Get a New Life that real estate professionals are taking up once-expired listings to try to give those sellers another chance to sell. Typically, a listing lasts 90 days, and if it doesnt sell, it expires. There has been some success in bringing back old listing, but it isnt a slam dunk. Sometimes, flaws within the property need to be addressed. In order to get the Downtown San Diego market stabilized, inventory levels need to rise. Potentially, this could be resolved by selling what was allowed to expire in the past.