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4 Mistakes Most Buyers Make in a Seller’s Market

By Mike in Buying Tips with 0 Comments

If you’re shopping for a downtown San Diego condo during a seller’s market it can be tough, and certainly more expensive. Here are a few mistakes to avoid.

1. Waiting

While it’s important to feel confident in your decision to buy a condo or loft in downtown, waiting too long to submit an offer in the heat of a seller’s market often means missing out on your dream property. There’s stiff competition, so make sure you have your finances in order, have a pre-approval letter if possible, and be ready to put in an offer on the spot.

2. Not Making a Good Offer

A seller’s market is no time to lowball sellers. They know their place will sell and will likely sell fast. If you try to shortchange them, they might not even counter your offer. If you’re serious about a condo, submit a strong offer–maybe even your best offer–from the start.

3. Going It Alone

In a seller’s market you will do well to work with an experienced real estate agent in downtown San Diego. An agent can save you time, stress, and maybe even money. Not to mention, they usually hear of listings before they even hit the market, which can be clutch in a seller’s market.

4. Not Considering a Bidding War

In a strong market, and in a place like San Diego, there’s a good chance more than one buyer will want a property. Even if you put in a strong offer and do it fast, you might find yourself in a bidding war. It’s possible the condo will sell for more than asking, so be prepared to shell out or back out.

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