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Common Moving Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

Relocation goes far beyond simply renting a truck and tossing your stuff into boxes. Real estate brokers in Downtown San Diego will be the first to say, without the right amount of planning and the proper moving strategies, you’ll be leaving yourself open to loss, liability, and a host of other issues. Following are five common moving mistakes along with tips for avoiding them.

1. Not Getting Help

Attempting to lug all of your boxes and furnishings on your own might seem like any easy way to save, but it can end up being far more costly than you think. All moving companies offer their clients a range of basic protections with the option to upgrade to higher value coverage as needed. When you haul your own stuff, you’ll be fully responsible for any financial damages that are incurred. It is also important to note that professional movers come with experience and high-end moving equipment. They’re better equipped for negotiating steep stairwells and long hallways with cumbersome goods in tow and can help you transport your belongings from your current place to your new condo or loft in Downtown San Diego without injury.

2. Assuming That Any Old Moving Company Will Do

When you do make the decision to get help, make sure that you’re hiring a reputable moving company. Rather than hiring the first moving business you find or the movers with the lowest prices, look for well-rated professionals with adequate insurance and valid, up-to-date licensing. Also, when comparing prices, make sure to look for hidden costs and remember that movers cannot give you an accurate estimate until they’ve made in-person assessments of your haul.

3. Taking Your Clutter with You

Relocation gives you the prime opportunity to make a fresh start. Before you contact moving companies and request estimates or start boxing your items up, think about selling some stuff or donating it. Any unwanted items that you can’t offload through online outlets like Craigslist or Nextdoor should be dropped off at a charitable organization. Items that have been stashed in closets or storage units for years probably won’t get much use in the future either. Avoid paying money to haul things to your new place that will do little more than take up valuable space.

4. Assuming That Basic Insurance Is Enough

Understand the terms of the basic coverage that your mover is obligated to supply. Surprisingly, this won’t give you much more protection than 60 cents for every pound that your movers haul. Moreover, this coverage is only applicable to any items that your mover has boxed on your behalf. If you have valuables that need to be moved, make sure to bind an extra and higher level of coverage that accounts for the true value of these things.

5. Not Keeping Up with the Bill of Lading

Your bill of lading is the contract that exists between you and the moving company you’ve hired. Although moving can be hectic and lots of items can get lost or misplaced in the process, this document is something that you should hold onto for dear life. You’ll need to reference this in the future if any items turn up damaged or lost.

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