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5 Tech Features to Check Before Buying a Condo

By Mike in Buying Tips with 0 Comments

Adding some basic technology requirements to your home-buying checklist can save you hassle and frustration in the future. While some tech upgrades are easy to add on your own, such as smart thermostats and smoke detectors, others are best left to the professionals. When checking out lofts and condos for sale in downtown San Diego, consider the following.

1. Cell Phone Reception

Odds are, if you are living in the modern age you won’t be connecting a landline in your new pad. If you depend solely on your cell phone, make sure you have adequate reception in all locations of the condo or loft you’re considering. This can be particularly challenging in interior units so watch for strong signals.

2. Wireless Signal

Most people don’t think to do this, but search for all the wireless networks available. Too many competing wireless networks could slow your Wi-Fi speed and put a serious damper on your Netflix binging.

3. Prewired for Ethernet

Most places built or renovated after 2010 are prewired for Ethernet, or high speed internet, which will give you a faster hardwire connection in almost every room. While you may intend to rely on Wi-Fi, it’s nice to know there’s an alternative just in case.

4. Electrical Outlets with USB Ports

Whether or not your phone chargers disappear like socks in the dryer, finding a place that has USB ports incorporated into the outlets just makes things a little bit easier.

5. Remote Controlled Light Switches and Door Locks

While not necessary, consider looking for light switches that can be controlled via a smartphone or doors that can be unlocked remotely or via a passcode. How convenient would it be to let a friend or relative in without having to be there to unlock the door?

Wondering what other must-haves you may have overlooked? Check with a trusted real estate agent in downtown San Diego who can help you fine-tune your wants and needs and show you properties in Little Italy, Cortez Hill, and East Village that meet both. Schedule an appointment today by calling (619) 649-0368. ')}