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New Whole Foods and Ritz Carlton Coming to Downtown San Diego’s East Village?

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

Whole Foods In Downtown San Diego's East Village

It seems like only yesterday I was giving tours of Downtown San Diego’s East Village. I would describe to potential buyers and investors how the neighborhood would develop into something special.  That was only 7 or eight years ago.   How things have changed for the better for the East Village in that time frame?  Recently, the buzz around the neighborhood is in relation to the recent Union Tribune Article that announced that a Whole Foods and Ritz Carton may be coming to the East Village:   Downtown May Get it’s First 5 Star Hotel

The new Cisterra proposed project will be considered Jul 15th at a Civic San Diego meeting.  At this time, the Civic San Diego board members will make a recommendation to the city on whether or not to enter into negotiations with the project developers.  In addition to Whole Foods and Ritz Carlton Hotel space, the mixed use project will also include office space, rental units, and some affordable housing.

Proponents of the new construction will argue that Downtown San Diego’s East Village is not ready for a 5 Star Hotel or Whole Foods.  I could not disagree more.  These proponents do not live Downtown and do not visualize what Cisterra Development does.  Cisterra just built a beautiful new highrise office building that will serve as the headquarters for Sempra energy not even a block away.   They know that a mixed use project that includes upscale retail, office, hotel, and Living spaces is exactly the kind of thing that we need more of in Downtown.  Supporting growth of new companies Downtown in addition to high end living will attract exactly the kind of demographic that supports significant and positive growth. Like it or not…Downtown San Diego and specifically the East Village neighborhood have “grown up”.   Infrastructure growth of this kind will continue to promote the wonderful lifestyle of Work Live and Play that has been created here in Downtown San Diego. ')}