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Should I Go to an Open House or Schedule a Private Showing?

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

There’s lots of solid information that you can glean by going to an open house. These events can help you gauge the amount of competition you’re facing and assess area prices. When it comes to truly screening condos and lofts in Downtown San Diego, however, private showings are often your best bet. You can use these visits to take an in-depth look at property features and amenities, make an impression on the seller or seller’s agent, ask questions, and formulate a strategy for submitting your offer.

Use Caution When Attending Open Houses

The agents that you meet while attending open houses are sellers’ agents. This makes it important to avoid disclosing too much info about your purchasing budget and your intentions. If you like what you see and already have representation, use the sign-up sheet to provide the contact information of your buyer’s agent for follow-up.

Viewing Homes Without a Lot of Traffic

An open house is a cleverly staged event that is intended to create a specific type of ambiance. In addition to all the details that have been added for piquing interest, there may be a lot of traffic. Scheduling a private showing will give you the opportunity to sidestep this unnecessary stimuli so that you can view the Downtown San Diego condo for sale in a comprehensive and bare bones fashion. Best of all, if you’re seriously committed to buying a property, this visit will give you the chance to prove that you are.

Getting Started and Finishing Up

There are several stages of the purchasing process that all buyers invariably move through before they’re ready to start submitting serious offers. Open houses will take you through a number of these steps. You’ll have the chance to start building a basic budget and can determine which features are most important. Ultimately, during the most formative stages of this process, open houses are great for establishing your purchasing goals.

If you’re a bit further along in this process and already have a clear understanding of what you want and how much you can spend, however, a private viewing could be essential. With no distractions and greater opportunity to explore, you can collect more info and move closer to a positive buying decision. These visits can even help you and your Downtown San Diego real estate agent formulate a strategy for negotiations so that together, you can arrive at a price that feels right for you. ')}