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5 Things You Learned in School That Can Help You Organize Your Home

By Mike in Miscellaneous with 0 Comments

The organizational skills you learned as a child have more applications than just ensuring your craft desk is neat and clean. All of the common rules you learned in kindergarten classes can actually be used to make your whole home look tidy and clutter-free. If your core San Diego loft, condo, or penthouse needs better organization, use these tips from school you might have forgotten.

1. Create a Unique Place for Everything

All of the pegboards, labeled drawers, and hooks you used back in school can be a great organization tool. When each item in your house has a specified place it is supposed to be, you are less likely to end up with boxes of random junk.

2. Put Everything Back in Its Place

This might seem like common sense, but so many people end up with clutter because they set something down on a counter and make vague plans to put it up in a minute or two. To avoid falling into this trap, try to make a place for each item that is convenient and easy to reach. For example, have a hook for your keys by the door.

3. Label Everything

You might think you can remember what is supposed to be in each drawer, bin, shelf, and cabinet, but this does not always happen. A little reminder can help you stay on the right track while putting items away.

4. Clearly Define Spaces

Take a hint from your kindergarten reading nook and make sure your home is divided into clearly defined zones. This way, you can keep all the items and furniture for a particular activity in one area. Putting everything you use for an activity in the same place makes organization logical and easy to understand.

5. Write It Out

Just like in school, a handy dry erase board makes everything so much simpler. You can write reminders about chores and appointments on the board, and your life can become just as well organized as your home.

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